SoulFit Training Group Class Workout Schedule

Classes canceled Thankgiving Day. Classes canceled December 14th-18th & 23rd-25th.

No prior reservation necessary for SoulFit Training Group classes or RelaxationYoga.

Location:  3524 S. National in Dunham’s Martial Arts (look for this sign.)



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6am  Bootcamp  Bootcamp  Bootcamp
8am SFT Group Class SFT Group Class SFT Group Class 8:30am SFT Group Class
9am Gentle SFT Group Class Gentle SFT Group Class SFT Group Class 9:30am RelaxationYoga

SoulFit Bootcamp:  8 week sessions. Next session begins January 6th (MWF) 6am or 8am

Click Buy  Now to make a $50 deposit to reserve your spot in Bootcamp. (Limit 12 ladies per class)
Physically:60minute classes combining

  • Fat burning cardio
  • High-intensity whole body weight resistance training
  • Challenging dynamic yoga moves.
  • You will burn off harmful fat, sculptyour body, and never be bored!



  • Accountability in establishing healthy habits each week
  • Weekly seasonal healthy recipes (great for the holiday season)
  • Nutrition, vitamin, and medical expertise of instructor

Personally: Personal growth is a sign of real strength!

  • Quote for the day encouraging growth

Support: from other women going through theprogram and a trainer who understands how to help you change.

Beginners Willpower Building Yoga Class:

Ever wondered how to build your willpower and really keep your New Year’s Resolutions? This class will teach basic yoga techniques and meditations that will increase your willpower portion of your brain increasing your ability to make and keep good habits.

  • Jan 6th-Feb 22nd
  • Saturday 9:30-10:30am
  • $100 ($50 Deposit)
  • Limit 14 Ladies
  • Make your deposit using PayPal button below.
SFT Group Class:SoulFit Training classes incorporate a yoga warm-up, a high intensityweight resistance cardio workout with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options, and a final yoga stretching cool down. Modifications offered for all exercises.Gentle SFT Group
Gentle classes follow the same format as SFT Group Classes but has a gentler approach. Great for ladies beginning their exercise program, recovering from an injury, or ladies 55+. Lots of modifications offered.Relaxation Yoga Class: Feel stressed from a long week? This is the perfect class for you! You’ll become de-stressed and reenergized with gentle stretches, reminders to breathe deep, smooth breaths, and a final relaxation pose which includes Thai massage techniques and a relaxing breathwork practice. You can’t help but leave feeling refreshed.How does breathwork help you de-stress?  The amazing thing about our breath is it is controlled voluntarily and involuntarily and can influence the nervous system. When we are stressed our sympathetic system (the flight or fight mode associated with fast, shallow breaths ) is more active than the arasympathetic system (associated with calmness, slow breathing,  and a slower heart rate). Both systems are supposed to work in harmony with each other but often stress overrides the parasympathetic system and we are in a constant state of stress (sympathetic). Fortunately as stated earlier, our breath is also voluntary. We can breathe deep, smooth breaths turning down the sympathetic system and turning on the calming effect of the parasympathetic system.