Exercise the SoulFit Way

It’s not just about the exercise at SoulFit, but when we exercise we get the most out of what we put in! Here’s how we do it. We use heart rate as a guide to give us the best results.  We begin with a yoga warm-up in the blue zone. This zone is 60-70% of your maximal heart rate and you should feel like you could easily continue at this pace for an hour. During the 25-37 minute workout your heart rate will be in the green  (70-80% of maximal heart rate) and orange zone (80-90%). The final 3 minutes of our workout will vary between the orange and red zones (90-95%).  The cooldown return the heart rate back to the blue zone. Your final reward…meditation. The results?  A whopping  600-800 calorie burn per 60 minute SoulFit class. Most ladies choose to wear a heart rate monitor to keep them accountable or you can determine it by how you feel as indicated below. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced options are provided to match your ability. Remember your heart will guide you.

Yes that does say 759 calories in one hour of work.

Blue (60-70%): Mostly aerobic, feels like you can easily continue at this intensity for an hour (warm-up, cooldown, rest)

Green (70-80%): Mostly aerobic/drawing some energy from anaerobic system. Feels like I could continue for an hour at this pace without a problem, but now I am sweating lightly and my body feels warm.

Orange (80-90%): Primarily anaerobic with some aerobic.  My muscles are burning and my breathing is labored. I am not able to keep this up much longer.

Red (90-100%): Mostly anaerobic w/ little to no aerobic. I feel like there’s no way I can continue at this pace more than 10-30 seconds. I don’t like my trainer.


How this method works.

  • Yoga keeps us limber, flexible, provides balance, brings awareness to our bodies, and helps prevent injuries.

  • The workout will never be the same which keeps your body surprised. Also, getting your heart rate up in higher intensities such as the orange and red zones means you will continue burning calories 24 hours after your workout (probably somewhere around 200 extra calories).

  • Meditation is the best way to build your willpower resulting in increased focus and decreasing being detered by  distractions. The result? You will have an increased ability to get what you really want and reach your goals.

Fitness options at SoulFit Training

What to wear

  • Comfortable workout clothes you can wear insideand outside.
  • Yes, you will need tennis shoes.

What to bring

  • A water bottle.
  • Bring your own mat if you want. Mats provided.
  • Your heart rate monitor if you have one. If not, your body will tell you what you need to do.
  • Directions. SoulFit is located in Dunham’s Martial Arts across the street from the Meyer Center on National. Look for the Dunham sign.3524 S. National Springfield, MO
  • A determined, positive attitude!